Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I "STACK" DISCOUNTS? Or use this discount with other discounts specials.
SORRY but we can NOT stack discounts. Our daily prices are too low to offer "STACKED" discounts. So in no way are "STACKED" discounts implied or suggested.

This offer is not good on Group Purchases as the GP comes at rock bottom prices which is considered discounted.

Discounts are good only on the MAIN full price products that have NO advertised discount applied to them. Items that are added to that order already come discounted. So the discount is applied to the main product on the order.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

817 800 7760
2. What is this discount about and how do I qualify for a discount off my total order?
If your an active member on ANY approved performance automotive forum you can earn discounts off your total order when shopping on our site!

We require that "DISCOUNT" members remain ACTIVE members on the forums.

We reserve the right to revoke discount privilege from ANY member without notice for failure to represent us in a professional manner.
3. How does the program work?
This new program is designed to replace our current 5percent program.

1) You add our banner(Or link if Banner is not possible) to an approved Forum Signature block with a link to our website. Link must be visible in your signature block for us to approve it.

2) Contact us with a link to your a post so we can verify your signature and perhaps make suggestions.

3) We register your signature with the program and from that point on every post you make is worth .05 cents when shopping with us.

4) When you place an order, contact us with your register number and we will add up your post and turn it into MONEY towards your shopping with us.

5) See Discount chart for details.

6) Once a discount is issued the counter is reset to ZERO and you can begin to work on your next discount. Only one discount will be issued regardless of post count.
We offer this program to help our customers receive deeper discounts but at the same time we are looking for you to advertise for us by flying our banner.

Since this program is directly related to your post count we will not tolerate worthless post that have no content or no meaning in a shameless attempt just to raise your count up for a discount with us.

We will review your post prior to issuing the discount to verify they are legit and done so as PARTICIPATION in the forum and not just an attempt to increase your post count over night for a deeper discount.

If we determine your post are legit then we will refund the appropriate amount to your account according to the discount chart. Discounts are immediate and will not be dragged out.

If we determine your post fall under "POST ABUSE" and are in fact an attempt to just increase your post count discount we reserve the right to discontinue your membership with 100 percent loss of points as penalty. We will refuse any discounts for that period. Please keep this in mind, we are looking for HONEST customers who want a discount... your post are important to us and reflect back to us. If you participate you will earn deeper discount.
5. We reserve right to revoke membership without notice.
We reserve the right to revoke 100-percent membership without notice.

Things that would cause us to pull your membership.

1) Post Whoring
2) Poor attitudes with forum members to include swearing, provoking disagreements all which misrepresents us.
3) Anything that could reflect poorly on AIR RAM PERFORMANCE.

Stay respectful to forum members and refrain from "Post Whoring" and you will have NOTHING to worry about.
Your post determine your discounts. Take your post accumulated x .05 to know what you have available to apply towards your order.

POST COUNT------100----------200--------300-----------400----------500
ORDER AMOUNT---------$100.00----$200.00----$300.00----$400.00----$500.00
DISCOUNT AMOUNT-----------$5.00------$10.00------$15.00------$20.00-----$25.00
7. What Forums are considered "Approved Forums"?
This will be determined on our initial review of the forum. If you are a member of a forum that is NOT listed contact us and we will review it and possibly add them to our list.

4)Send us your forum.
8. Ok, I'm a member of a popular performance forum and Im ready to earn my discount.. Now what?
Add our link to your signature block on any approved PERFORMANCE automotive related forum and you will earn 5 percent off your purchases.

Add this banner with link to our home page in your signature. If you can not load the banner the phrase below it will be acceptable. (It must be bold large print and noticeable):

Or add a link like this one below where it can be viewed in your signature block. Discounted Performance Parts with FREE SHIPPING!

After you add the above link send us an E-mail with a link to your signature block. We will review the signature to insure its to our standard.

If we approve of your Signature we will send you a DISCOUNT MEMBER NUMBER and add you to our list. After 30 days with our link in your banner your discount will begin.
9. How do I claim my discount?
When you place your order for full price follow it up with an e-mail stating your a discount member. Please use the E-mail address you used to place your order (Everything is tracked through E-mail addresses) We will then verify your account is active, we will review your post count and membership.

If everything is good we will then automatically refund your discount according to the chart right their on the spot.