Frequently Asked Questions

1. Here are a few tips for prepping for track day.
For a novice driver, there are really few things that need to be done on the car. As you get more experience and get faster, the list expands quickly and expensively. I would perform the following initial mods if it was my car.

1) High temp brake fluid - (ATE or Motul)
2) Stainless Steel brake hoses
3) SOLID rotors - the drilled ones will crack quickly.
4) Maybe a mid level heat range pad - consult vendors on forum. Use up the stock pads you have on the car if they have more than 50 percent left.
5) Use up your factory tires before a move to another more sticky tire.

Concentrate on the most important modification - the nut behind the wheel - Take maximum advantage of the instructors, work on your skill set and be able to make full use of the cars stock capabilities before you start throwing mods on the car to make it faster. In stock form the car has way more capability than most of the drivers out there.

Most of all ENJOY !