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Updated 2021/08/19 -

Out of Stock - ! Bolt on serious HP gains with this intake manifold. This is one of our most popular products on AIR RAM PERFORMANCE. This is the famous FACTORY REPLACEMENT 2008-2012 4.7L Intake manifold. It can be used on 1999-2007 4.7L engines with the use of our AIR RAM PERFORMANCE "Throttle Body Adapter Plates". 2006-2007 may require an EGR delete and SCT tune.

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The Adapter will allow you to mount the Older 3-bolt pattern throttle body to the new 2008 4-bolt pattern. JEEP OWNERS PLEASE SEE "MODIFICATIONS"

The original 4.7L's had 510mm intake runners. The HO intake when it cam out had 415mm intake runners. When the intakes were made common in 2003-2004 all 4.7L's got the 415mm HO intake runner lengths.

The 2008 4.7L intake has 350mm long intake runners and it will make the most HP of any 4.7L intake manifold. The 2008 4.7L cams are also good for over 305 SAE corrected flywheel HP.

The 2011 design is the new replacement intake for all 2008 & UP 4.7L engines. It appears to be very close in design to the 2008 intake with just a few subtle differences. The overall size of the two intakes appears to be the same although the 2011 appears to have smoother transitions with the absence of plugged holes left from manufacturing. They both share the same vacuum ports and EGR ports in the same location... all in all the 2011 appears to be an improvement in design over the 2008 intake. We cant say if there is a HP gain or not quite yet.

The original HO lost core design flows more air and makes more power than the later 1999-2002 common shell mold design, even though they both have 415mm intake runner lengths.

Original 4.7L SO intake has 510mm (20.0787 inches) intake runners and is a lost core design.

Original 4.7L HO intake has 415mm (16.3386 inches) intake runners and is a lost core design.

Common 4.7L SO/HO intake has 415mm (16.3386 inches) intake runners and is a shell mold design.

2008 4.7L intake has 350mm (13.7795 inches) intake runners and I'm unsure of the exact design.

The shorter the intake runners the stronger the top end HP. The HO intake manifold with it's 415mm long runners falls on it's face above 5200 RPM.

The 2008 4.7L intake manifold with it's 350mm long runners will pull strong to 5600-5800 RPM (not exactly sure of the final rev limiter.)

NOTE: NON EGR VEHICLES - Not all 4.7L engines came with EGR. If your vehicle did NOT come with EGR then you will need to plug the EGR hole on the 2008-2011 Intake manifold. We recommend to use a brass plug commonly found at most hardware stores.

1999-2002 - Intake Air Temp Sensor needs to be relocated to the "Cold Air Filtration System" FWD of the throttle body.
Air Ram Performance offers Intake Air Temp Extension Wires with factory connectors that will make extending your harness very quick and easy.

1999-2005 - This intake is a direct fit replacement. Requires our throttle body adapter plates in order to mount your 3-bolt throttle body to the 4-bolt pattern on the 2008 intake. See EGR note above

2006-2007 4.7L engines with EGR - The 2006-2007 EGR does get into the way of mounting the 2008 intake. In order to mount the 2008 intake to your 06-07 4.7L you will need the 2008 EGR. This will bolt right up and allow the 2008 intake to mount in without issue.

1999-2007 4.7L - You will require our throttle body adapter plate and bracket kit #TBA001

2008-2011 4.7L - This intake is a direct factory replacement Intake manifold.