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Innovate LM-2 (Single Wideband O2) Wideband Datalogger w/ OBD-II Capability
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SCT - Analog Input Cable
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Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kits
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1999-2013 - DCX (Dodge, Chrysler, Hemi, Jeep)

(SOFTWARE ONLY PN4332DCX) SCT Advantage III Dodge/Chrysler Pro Racer software lets you tune your ride just like the pros! Before, when you made modifications to your vehicle, you were off to the tuning shop to get the best performance possible. With Advantage III Pro Racer software, you have the same custom-tuning software that they do to custom-tune and tweak your vehicle's power and performance!


The hardcore enthusiasts at SCT offer their field-tested and proven Dodge/Chysler software in an easy-to-use, Windows-based program with built-in help files to take you through the entire tuning process. Get the most out of your vehicle's PCM--take control and get an advantage with SCT Advantage III Dodge/Chrysler Pro Racer software.
    Package Contents:
  • DVD that includes installation of SCT Advantage 3 software
  • USB security key
  • License agreement
  • SCT lanyard

This is for customers who already have the SCT HAND HELD (9550 or 3200) and want to start writing their own tunes. This is for experienced tuners or new tuners who understand what they are getting into. Please understand, that you can cause serious/permanent engine damage if tuned incorrectly. Know your limitations!

UNLIMITED CUSTOM TUNING IS NON-REFUNDABLE. This is a provided service through E-mailing tune files to the customer. The initial tune file is NEVER intended to be the final tune. Simply send us a Data Log File (AFR@RPM, MAP, TPS, KNOCK...)and we can review engine performance and make the needed adjustments. We are committed to serving our customers and our tuning is only as good as the information provided by the customer. Wide Band Data Loggers are a must for any successful tuning. Because of the time our tuner put into each tune, it can not be refunded. We recommend the Innovate "LM-2" Data Logger however there are other decent options available. Tuning some applications can take up to 9-10 files depending on modifications done to the vehicle, however in most cases we can nail down a tune in 3-4 tune files as long as the customer is using a quality data logger. It is highly dependent the application and no two "Custom" tunes are the same and can take several tweaks to get right. Our tuner is ready to tweak and adjust your tune as soon as you data log it and e-mail the information to him. There may be times the tuner suggest mechanical issues may be present. The customer must be willing to accept that the custom tune can NOT fix mechanical issues and be ready to address mechanical issues that have been identified through tuning. In many cases depending on HP levels, upgrading fuel pumps, fuel injectors and or fuel pressure regulators are needed in order to continue tuning. Our tuner has helped many customers identify issues through tuning and data log files... Please be ready to help us help you. In the end, your satisfaction through our performance tuning experience is our ultimate goal.

  • '04 - '06 HEMI Vehicles
  • '96 - '06 SRT10 Dodge Viper '04 - '06 SRT10 Truck
  • '96+ V10 Magnum (non SRT10) Truck
  • Supported Non ETC Trucks:
  • 3.9L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '96 - '03 RAM - 3.9L '96 - '03 DAKOTA - 3.9L
  • 4.7L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '99 - '04 GC - 4.7L '00 - '06 DAKOTA - 4.7L
  • '00 - '03 DURANGO - 4.7L '00 - '06 RAM - 4.7L
  • *most all* through '06 4.7 except '06 Dakota manual trans
  • 5.2L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '96 - 03 RAM 5.2L '96 - '99 RAM VAN - 5.2L
  • '96 - 99 DAKOTA - 5.2L '96 - '99 GC 5.2L
  • 5.9L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '96 - '03 RAM - 5.9L '98 - '03 DAKOTA - 5.9L
  • '99 - '03 DURANGO - 5.9L '96 - '98 GC - 5.9L