**SOLD** Pontiac 455 +.040 KB Performance Pistons
BRAND: Keith Black
PART #KB371-030 +.040


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**SOLD** I have a set of OLD but NOT USED Keith Black KB Performance Pistons KB371-030 +.040 that I had purchased for my 455 build approximately 8 years ago from another Pontiac owner. Over the years, I had ceramic coated and they have been sitting ever since. Now that I am ready to build the engine, my plans have changed for the build and have decided to add boost and stroke... so these pistons will not work.


**SOLD** The pics show one piston. The oil marks are just from lubing the wrist pins.

They are $468.00 new and that's without the coatings. Sale includes Pistons, Pins and locks. You will still Need Rings.

Here are the KB details of these pistons:

Bore (in): 4.180 in.
Bore (mm): 106.172mm
Stroke: 4.210 in.
Piston Style: Dish, with no valve reliefs
Piston Material: Hypereutectic aluminum
Compression Height (in): 1.500 in.
Piston Head Volume (cc): +30.50cc
Wrist Pin Style: Press-fit or floating
Pin Lock Rings Included: Yes
Wrist Pin Included: Yes
Pin Diameter (in): 0.981 in.
Piston Ring Thickness: 5/64 in. x 1/16 in. x 3/16 in.
Piston Rings Included: No
File Fit: No
Gapless: No
Quantity: Sold as a set of 8.
Notes: Step dish design.

Keith Black hypereutectic pistons are made from 390 aluminum alloy and heat-treated to T6 standards, which makes them 30 percent stronger than ordinary untreated hypereutectics. Their 100 percent CNC-machined crowns, high upper compression-ring location, gas-accumulator groove, drilled oil returns, and spiral-lock retainer grooves make these pistons outstanding for performance applications. They have a lightweight, rigid-rib skirt design that stabilizes the piston in the bore. All of this adds up to pistons that fit tighter than forged types, provide improved oil control, reduce blowby, increase ring life, eliminate cold start-up knocking, and won't cost you an arm and a leg! Thousands of models are available—find the set and options designed for your vehicle and engine application.

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