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Fel-Pro - Intake Manifold Gasket- MS96114
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These CNC'ed BILLET ADAPTERS allow you to mount any 1999-2004 4v 4.6 Cobra, Aviator or Marauder EFI Intake System on a Chrysler (JEEP/DODGE) 1999-2011 4.7L engine. To include the EATON M112 SUPERCHARGER with INNER COOLER! These new improved adapters allow for stock mounting of your coils.

For the complete Sullivan Intake Manifold Kit please go to the SULLIVAN INTAKE MANIFOLD product page which will come with everything needed to run the Sullivan intake manifold on your 4.7L engine.

The Sullivan Intake requires modification, so if you plan on doing this on your own please be advised that there is a machining process needed to the Sullivan intake in order to prevent the interference with the factory coil mounting locations.

CNC machined out of billet aluminum to exacting dimensions, these adapters open a world of opportunity to the Chrysler 4.7L engine for the first time EVER!

Now you can run a Single Plane Aluminum Intake manifold and bolt on a Carburetor, any ford intake that will fit the 03-04 cobra or even a EATON 112/KENNY BELL or WHIPPLE CHARGER!

This Adapter kits will come with the Intake Adapters and hardware. It does not include the ford gasket that would be needed to mount the Ford style intake to the plates once installed.

An OPTIONAL 4.7L throttle body adapter plate is available to use with the Edelbrock Throttle body Elbow Plenum 3847. This kit does NOT include the Sullivan intake manifold or Edelbrock intake plenum. They are both OPTIONS and highly suggested.In the picture above you can see we used an Edelbrock plenum which is sold separately as an option. Our CNC'ed Throttle body adapter will allow you to mount your factory style throttle body to an Edelbrock PLENUM built for the LS1 engines.

With these Intake adapter plates you can bolt on a number of intakes designed for the 2003-2004 Ford 4.6L 4v engine. These spacers also allow us to bolt on the Superchargers that are made for that specific engine.

These Intake adapter plates open the doors for roots or twin screw superchargers. These spacers will get the system mounted... There are a few obsticals to installing the Supercharger however there are no “show stoppers”… You will need a shop or person available who can weld aluminum… other than that its fairly simple. The hard part (Adapter Plates) has already been done!

These Spacers are custom made... We did everything we could to make them a PLUG & PLAY modification. BUT at some point we hit the limit of PLUG & PLAY and some custom work on behalf of the customer may be required. Please make note of the KNOWN areas that need to be addressed.

Known modification that are needed:

1) With these spacers you will be required to do some modifications to your fuel rails in order to clear the spacers. This should not be too difficult to accomplish but it must be known that the factory fuel rail will NOT fit with out modification.

2) Factory Coil packs - All new adapters will allow for stock location mounting of your factory coil packs... this option has increased the amount of CNC machining time so the price of the adapters has also increased but this has made the installation much easier and there is no longer a hassle finding a new location for remote mounting of coil packs and cutting & soldering of the coil pack plugs & harness.

3) The Edelbrock 3847 LOW PROFILE ELBOW - This is no longer an issue. We now offer the 47ESSW Edelbrock Saw/Section/Weld mod included with the Sullivan intake kit. This plenum comes ready to install and mount your 4.7L throttle body with all required hardware and throttle body bracket. This plenum has been shortened 2" in order to clear the alternator and the 4.7L plate has been welded to the plenum for a leak free mounting surface.

We will post ANY information we learn to help make the conversion as painless as possible.