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1996-2013 - DCX (Dodge, Chrysler, Hemi, Jeep)

If your needing custom tuning then please look for our custom tuning. Do you want to increase horsepower and torque without breaking the bank? SCT X3 power flash programmers will give you the extra horsepower that you have been craving. Simply plug the OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the preloaded tune file using the simple-to-navigate menu, and within minutes, the X3s program your vehicle. SCT offers these programmers for many popular full size domestic truck applications.

We dont advertised to be the cheapest tune... We advertise to offer the best tuning possible period! Air Ram Performance delivers on that promise!

Our "canned" tune package is package designed around those with "stock" or mildly modified vehicles (I.E. intake, exhaust, throttle body, etc). These are files that have been developed and tested on various trucks with similar or identical modifications and are known good calibrations from our tuner's research and development. Tune files can be set up to run either 87, 91, or 93 octane. You can expect vastly improved street manners as well as performance. Mileage typically improves by 1-2 mpg depending on driving style. Should you add other significant modifications after the canned tune is installed, it is highly recommended to see us for further custom tuning. We are not responsible for any damage that can or will result from adding modifications beyond what the canned tune is designed for. This includes, but is not limited to, aftermarket injectors, ported or aftermarket heads, aftermarket camshafts, nitrous, or forced induction.

A common question we receive is "SCT offers custom tuning but I don't need a custom tune. How does one of your SCT canned tunes compare with something like Hypertech or Superchips?" The answer we give, is that it doesn't. We have been able to put together files that are proven, SAFE, efficient on gas, and ultimately our canned tunes are more "complete" than either a "Brand X" SCT canned tune or a competing handheld such as Superchips, Bully Dog, etc. We make more changes, and as such, there are more gains to be had.

We currently have canned tunes set aside for the following makes/models: Jeep:
3.7 V6: Liberty (email for more details)
4.0 Inline 6: 1996-2004 ALL MODELS (Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Cherokee)
4.7 SOHC V8: 1999-2004 Grand Cherokee (email about 4.7 HO support)
5.2/5.9: 1996-1998 Grand Cherokee

3.7 V6: Dakota/Ram (email for more details)
3.9 V6: Ram/Dakota 1996-2001
5.2/5.9 V8: 1996-2003 Rams/Dakotas
4.7 SOHC V8: 1999-2006 Ram/Dakotas (Email about 4.7 HO support)

Our tuner, Ryan, is always looking to add various platforms to the above list. If you are interested in helping us put together a canned tune for a make/model/engine that is not currently supported, please contact Ryan at

If you are seeking custom tuning, please visit our custom tuning link.

We ask that you send us your PCM Part Number prior to ordering to verify support. You can reach us at, or our tuner directly at (Ryan)

The SCT X3 stores up to 10 custom tune files that can INCREASE HORSEPOWER, TORQUE & even Fuel Mileage! The 10 Custom Tune files can be loaded by any of SCT's Custom Tuning Dealers World Wide!

Additional features of these SCT programmers include:

  • Increases Horsepower & Torque!
  • Stores 10 Custom Tunes
  • Huge Backlit LCD Display
  • High Speed Datalogging / Monitoring
  • Reads/Clears DTC Trouble Codes
  • User Adjustable Vehicle Parameters
  • Backs Up Factory Tune
  • Free Data Logging Software
  • Dual Analog Inputs
  • Most Popular Vehicles Supported
  • Installs Quickly & Easily
  • USB Interface Cable Included
PLEASE Send us your PCM part number to so we may verify your PCM part number is supported.

CUSTOM TUNING IS NON-REFUNDABLE. This is a provided service through E-mailing tune files to the customer. The initial tune file is NEVER intended to be the final tune. Simply send us a Data Log File (AFR @ RPM, MAP, TPS, KNOCK...)and we can review engine performance and make the needed adjustments. We are committed to serving our customers and our tuning is only as good as the information provided by the customer. Wide Band Data Loggers are a must for any successful tuning. Because of the time our tuner put into each tune, it can not be refunded. We recommend a good Data Logger however as your tune will only be as good as the information you provide the tuner. Tuning some applications can take up to 9-10 files depending on modifications done to the vehicle, however in most cases we can nail down a tune in 3-4 tune files as long as the customer is using a quality data logger. It is highly dependent the application and no two "Custom" tunes are the same and can take several tweaks to get right. Our tuner is ready to tweak and adjust your tune as soon as you data log it and e-mail the information to him. There may be times the tuner suggest mechanical issues may be present. The customer must be willing to accept that the custom tune can NOT fix mechanical issues and be ready to address mechanical issues that have been identified through tuning. In many cases depending on HP levels, upgrading fuel pumps, fuel injectors and or fuel pressure regulators are needed in order to continue tuning. Our tuner has helped many customers identify issues through tuning and data log files... Please be ready to help us help you. In the end, your satisfaction through our performance tuning experience is our ultimate goal.

Warranty & Liability Release

We simply can NOT warranty tunes/motors. It would be impractical to do &#8203;5 vehicles and make $1500; and be liable for $25,000 worth of motors. There are way too many variables ranging from leaks, maintenance, bad plugs, coil packs, bad fuel pumps, weakness of stock pistons/rings, all the way to machining and tolerance variables on built motors.

The best way to take care of your car is to monitor its health via a wideband, oil pressure gauge, coolant temps, and take periodic logs to check for any inconsistencies in fueling. We are committed to excellence and we completely understand the financial burden a blown motor puts on people. We will do everything we can, within reason to help out. Paying for a tune constitutes signature of the following waiver/release (this is a pretty standard form you must sign at most shops when getting dyno tuned), this form will be sent to you by the tuner prior to sending the first base tune file:

I hereby authorize the road dyno tests and/or service work to be done along with the necessary materials, parts and labor and hereby grant you and your employees permission to operate the above vehicle and/or combustion engine on public roads, streets, highways or elsewhere for the purpose of testing, diagnostics, logging, road tuning, and any other work deemed necessary by &#8203;Ryan Hogan/AIRRAM PERFORMANCE.

This release also includes, but is not limited to, any claim against Ryan Hogan/AIRRAM PERFORMANCE for first aid, medical treatment or services rendered during participation in the test, tune, or operation of this vehicle.

  • '04 - '06 HEMI Vehicles
  • '96 - '06 SRT10 Dodge Viper '04 - '06 SRT10 Truck
  • '96+ V10 Magnum (non SRT10) Truck
  • Supported Non ETC Trucks:
  • 3.9L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '96 - '03 RAM - 3.9L '96 - '03 DAKOTA - 3.9L
  • 4.7L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '99 - '04 GC - 4.7L '00 - '06 DAKOTA - 4.7L
  • '00 - '03 DURANGO - 4.7L '00 - '06 RAM - 4.7L
  • *most all* through '06 4.7 except '06 Dakota manual trans
  • 5.2L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '96 - 03 RAM 5.2L '96 - '99 RAM VAN - 5.2L
  • '96 - 99 DAKOTA - 5.2L '96 - '99 GC 5.2L
  • 5.9L Engine Supported Vehicles:
  • '96 - '03 RAM - 5.9L '98 - '03 DAKOTA - 5.9L
  • '99 - '03 DURANGO - 5.9L '96 - '98 GC - 5.9L