FAQ: Free Tricks for Better Fuel Economy


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FAQ: Free Tricks for Better Fuel Economy

1. Tire Pressure.

Everyone knows this trick but not everyone follows it. Check your tire pressure at least once every 2 months. As the weather heats up or cools off our tire pressures change, so keep an eye on them and make sure they are set correctly in accordance with the sticker on your door jam.

2. Control your RPMs when driving.

Maintain your RPMs at or about 2000-2300 RPMs and do not exceed it EVER… if you can maintain 2000-2300RPM’s without exceeding it over 1-2 tanks of fuel you can see gains anywhere from 1MPG-4MPG! When you start from a stop, just bring the RPMs to 2000 and wait till it shifts… after the shift brings it back up to 2000 RPMs then wait for the next shift… And repeat until overdrive kicks on… then just maintain the 2000 RPMs. Try to stay in the center lane when possible so you will not have to hit your brakes for traffic entering and stay out of the passing lane so your not holding up traffic. Your speeds should be approximately 60-65MPH@2000 RPMs (depending on your rear gear ratio) so you’re not going to be going that slow… But for 4MPG it is a trick well worth trying!

3. Move shifter to NEUTRAL & Coast whenever possible for BIG savings at the pump!

Whenever possible put the shifter into NEUTRAL and coast. Whenever you’re coming up to a stop or taking the exit off the highway, putting the shifter into neutral will help save you money at the pump.. it adds up quickly!

This is a safe trick BUT the operator MUST be careful not to put it past Neutral and into Reverse… I highly suggest practicing when parked… Just move the shifter from Drive one click up to Neutral. Once you get the hang of it… Use it to save money!

4. Fill up in the morning when the Gas Station Tanks are COOLER!

Get more for your buck! The cooler the fuel is the more you get per gallon. This is a fact of life, the cooler the fuel the more you will get into your tank and the less you will pay for it… Sure we are only talking pennies on the dollar but add this to all the other free tricks and you will be able to count the savings at the end of each month.