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FAQ: Power Wire

1. Will this harm my PCM in any way.

NO! The POWER WIRE only simulates intake air temps that are 20 degrees cooler at all times. Your PCM will not know any better and it will still adjust as advertised. The only difference is that the POWER WIRE causes your PCM to advance the timing by 3-4 degrees at WOT. This is where the 8-10RWHP comes from.

2. Will the POWER WIRE cause my engine to run rich?

No! Your PCM is programed to keep your Air Fuel Ratio nailed down to 14.75:1 at all throttle positions below Wide Open Throttle (WOT). So the POWER WIRE can not affect your Air Fuel Ratio anywhere below WOT.

The POWER WIRE will increase your AFR by approximately 2.5 percent at WOT only. In most cases that’s enough to help improve on the factory slight lean setting.

3. What does the POWER WIRE do? How does it make HP?

The POWER WIRE alters the Air Temp Signal to your PCM to read 20 degrees cooler at all times. So if the actual intake air temps are 90 degrees then the POWER WIRE alters the signal to read 70 degrees. This causes the PCM to advance the timing which is worth approximately 8-10RWHP.

4. Will the POWER WIRE hurt my fuel economy?

NO, in most cases the POWER WIRE will increase your fuel economy by 1-2MPG when driven under a light foot. As long as you do NOT hit Wide Open Throttle the POWER WIRE can NOT add more fuel. The MPG gains come from the degrees timing advance effects the POWER WIRE induces.

On the flip side, at WOT the POWER WIRE does cause your PCM to add approximately 2.5 percent more fuel. So If you are at Wide Open Throttle allot then YES your fuel economy will take a dive by approximately 2.5 percent. But the additional 8-10RWHP HP at WOT makes up for the slight loss in fuel economy.

Bottom line, if you want increased fuel economy while using the POWER WIRE DO NOT put your foot to the floor… but what fun is that.

5. Power Wire Installation Instructions


The POWER WIRE is designed to allow you to piggyback your Air Temperature Sensor without cutting your original factory harness. With the POWER WIRE installed your computer will receive an altered temperature reading that is approximately 20 degrees cooler than the actual. This will cause the computer to advance the timing and at WOT add more fuel. It is the equivalent of turning the distributor of older Non-computer controlled engines. This is not a new trick as advancing the timing for increased performance has been used for many years. This mod is advertised as a POWER MOD but has also been reported to increase fuel economy under a light foot in many cases but not in all. This mod can cause a decrease in fuel economy by nature when driven at WOT? but gains in increased HP are what you get in return. We recommend you remove this wire when taking it in for service as your service department may have a problem with this mod.

WARNING- Do not bend your POWER WIRE in half. The POWER WIRE comes shipped with two bends in it? these are the ONLY safe areas to bend the POWER WIRE.


1) ** With the key REMOVED from the ignition **

2) Locate your Air Temperature Sensor.

A) 2002 3.7L and 4.7L? the sensor is located on the intake manifold, on the Drivers side of the throttle body 2nd intake runner from the back. It will be the GREY plug with two wires going into it.

B) 2003 UP 3.7L & 4.7L the sensor can be found on the passenger’s side of the resonator (The air hat that mounts directly on top of the engine) on the back. It will be the GREY plug with two wires going into it.

C) 2003 ? UP 5.7L the sensor is located on the FRONT passenger’s side of the resonator (The air hat that mounts directly on top of the engine) it is on the front bottom side. It will be the GREY plug with two wires going into it.

3) Remove Grey Air inlet temperature plug.

A) Gently Press the grey plug and remove it from the sensor. No force is needed to remove this plug. If you need to use the force you are doing it wrong.


A) Plug into the intake sensor.

B) Route the POWER WIRE in a way that it will avoid any HOT or moving parts. Be careful not to bend the POWER WIRE in the center, only bend where it has been pre-bent for you.

C) Plug the other end of the POWER WIRE into the grey plug that was removed from the sensor.

D) Double check all your connections and ensure they are all FULLY seated and making a good electrical connection.


5) After checking all connections it is safe to start the vehicle.


If you have ANY questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.