FAQ: Throttle Body Adaptor plate


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FAQ: Throttle Body Adaptor Plate

1. Throttle Body Adapter Plate installation instructions.
This adapter plate was designed for use with the factory throttle body. The bolts included with this kit are intended to properly secure the factory 3 bolt throttle body to the 2008 intake manifold. For aftermarket throttle body’s it may be necessary to verify & purchase the correct length bolts at your local hardware store.

Prior to installation, it is important that you do a dry run install of the throttle body & the adapter plates. Take the long bolts and secure and torque your adapter plates to the throttle body and insure your long screws do NOT extend past the backside of the adapter plate. The screws supplied in our kit SHOULD torque flush with the backside of the plate when used with the factory throttle body. If the screws extend past the backside of the adapter plates you need to either trim/grind the excess threads off or replace them with screws that do not extend past the backside of the backplate. If you fail to do this, and you use a screw that is too long you could end up damaging the seal on the intake manifold and causing a vacuum leak. We will not be responsible for any damaged seals due to failure to verify bolt length prior to installation. At the same time, you need to ensure that the bolts are long enough to catch sufficient threads in the adapter plate. Bolts should terminate flush with the backplate or within 1-2 threads of the backside.

If you’re planning to use an aftermarket throttle body it’s important that you make note of the bolt length needed in order to properly secure your aftermarket throttle body to the adapter plates. You may need to visit your local hardware store and purchase longer bolts depending on the brand of aftermarket throttle body you’re using.

1. Do a Dry run install by mounting the plates to the throttle body to be installed.
2. Ensure correct bolt length. – See DRY RUN above
3. Replace bolts as needed to achieve the correct bolt length.
4. Use the 4 large machine screws to secure the base plate to the intake manifold. Torque to factory torque recommendations for the throttle body. DO NOT overtighten.
5. Take the longer screw; pass them through the throttle body and middle adapter plate and into the base plate.
6. Torque intake bolts according to factory torque recommendations. DO NOT overtighten.
7. Verify your work.
8. Verify Wide Open Throttle can be achieved without binding. – Adjust bracket as needed to achieve WOT when foot if put to the floor (2 people needed).
9. Make sure all screws are installed properly.
10. Verify throttle body linkage free of movement. ANY binding of the throttle body movement MUST be addressed and corrected immediately.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

2. Does my 4.7L need throttle body adapter plates?
These plates are for Chrysler 4.7L engines and allow you to bolt a 1999-2007 3-bolt throttle body to a 2008-2014 4-bolt throttle body.

The 2008+ intake manifold is working approximately 20-15RWHP when added to a 1999-2002 4.7L vehicle.

The 2008+ Throttle body is worth 15-20RWHP when installed on a 2003-2007 4.7L Vehicle.

3. Will the throttle body adapter plates increase power.
The adapter plates are designed to allow the user to bolt their 3-bolt throttle body to the newer 2008+ intake manifold. The opening volume of our adapter plate is slightly greater than that of a true 72mm making our plates nonrestrictive to any throttle body up to 72mm. Bottom line, our plates don’t whistle, if it’s whistling, it’s restricting air flow!

The addition of the 2008+ intake manifold is worth 20-25HP on 99-02 engines and 15-20HP on 03-07 engines. So you will see gains… just not from the plates.