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Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings – CB-745HN – Chevy, 265, 283, 302, 327


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Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings

Rod Bearing, H Series, Multiple Sizes (STD, .001, .01, .02, .03 undersized) TM-77, Chevy, 265, 283, 302, 327, Each

Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings

Clevite H-Series rod bearings were developed primarily for use in NASCAR type racing but are suitable for all types of competition engines. These H-Series bearings have a medium level of eccentricity, high crush factor, and have hardened steel backs and thin overlays. They also have enlarged chamfers for greater crankshaft fillet clearance and are made without flash plating for better seating.

Bearings with .001 in. extra clearance are available for standard size shafts and with or without dowel holes. H-Series bearings are recommended for use with crankshafts that have oversize fillets and where engines run in the medium to high rpm range. They should also be used if contact patterns obtained with Clevite P-Series bearings are too narrow. Contact patterns should ideally cover 2/3 to 3/4 of the bearing surface.


Brand: Clevite Engine Parts
Manufacturer’s Part Number: CB-745HN
Part Type: Rod Bearings
Product Line: Clevite H-Series Rod Bearings
Bearing Usage: Performance
Engine Crankshaft Undersize (in.): Stock
Engine Crankshaft Undersize (mm): Stock
Bearing Material: Tri-metal, TM-77
Dowel Pin Hole: No
Narrow Bearing: Yes
Quantity: Sold individually.
Notes: Designed for small journal crankshafts only.


Clevite Engine Parts warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1 year.



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