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MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converters 94169

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MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converters

MagnaFlow universal catalytic converters by Car Sound form the basic building blocks for many applications. The main benefit of universal catalytic converters is that one unit may cover a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Installing universal converters often requires the use of welding, cutting, and tube-bending equipment that is readily available to most professional installers.

They are extremely well made, with features such as:

* A ribbed body that minimizes expansion and distortion when the converter heats up. They form a channel that protects the cushioning mat from direct exposure to exhaust gasses, and hold the ceramic catalyst in proper alignment.
* A 1/2 in. lap joint where the necks meet the body. The neck does not extend into the converter body, where it could hamper exhaust flow.
* Manufactured with separate dies on different sized inlets. Putting larger neck sizes on smaller bodies would reduce the flow of the converter and the quality of the product.
* A monolithic honeycomb catalyst. The ceramic is designed for maximum flow and surface area. The coating method is strictly controlled to maintain exact specifications.
* Seam-welded close to the converter body for a strong, tight bond. Welding along the edge could allow the converter to expand like the folds in an accordion, allowing the catalyst to move around.
* Heavier-gauge stainless steel, tip-to-tip. They do not use inferior mixed weights and materials.
* An aluminized or stainless OEM-style ribbed heat shield that creates a rigid wall of protection against heat and adds to the structural stability of the converter.


The manufacturer warrants that all Magnaflow Performance products are free from defects. Most of their mufflers are warranted against blowouts, and most products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship, for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which the product was originally installed. This warranty is void if the product is not installed properly on the vehicle for which it is designed. This warranty does not apply to any product which has been installed on any commercial or racing vehicle or which has been improperly installed, modified, altered, or subjected to misuse or damage from accidents, including excessive heat. Also, the cost of labor and any additional parts or components required to complete the installation of a replacement product is not covered by this warranty, including coatings, paints, and/or finishes. The warranty certificate, along with proof of purchase, MUST be presented to the service outlet from which the product was purchased, or any participating dealer, when making a claim for replacement. The original product must also be returned and exchanged for a new product of the same part number. No other warranty, expressed or implied (including merchantability), applies to the products, nor is any person or the manufacturer authorized to assume any other warranty. The manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for any consequential damages occasioned by the product, or inconvenience or interruption in any operation or service. Magnaflow products such as, but not limited to Black Finish, aluminized diesel systems, XL mufflers, and Magnapack mufflers carry a specific limited warranty with an interval indicated on the Product Warranty Card. Magnaflow catalytic converters have separate and distinct warranty conditions.


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